Writing Spaces


I have always been waiting for the right time to write.  Looking for the right space.  The right desk.  The right notebook.  The right pen.  What I have learnt when as a mum your family are your number one priority,  writing doesn’t have to be perfect.  or written in the perfect space.  Your story just has to be written.

Over the past month when my babies needed more of their mum’s time and support, I still found the time to write and submit assignments.  Suddenly I had more perfect spots to write – the car, bed, stairs.  As long as I had coffee, a pen and my notebook I was set to go.



End of 2015:

  • stopped working full time
  • family moved interstate
  • husband and children started new jobs and schools
  • I enrolled in two writing courses
    • Romance
    • Suspense
  • moved to rural setting with rolling hills, chickens and fresh (cool) breezes


  • writing every day and submitting no less than one assignment per week (YAY!)
  • finally reached a place in my life where I am allowing myself the time to write (only took 40 years)