Writing is fun, hard and stressful. You question yourself at every turn…but when you get your first 5 review and they love your characters as much as you is soooo worth it.

Thank you to the gals for answering all my newbie questions – Natalie, Stacey, Kris (Author Kristine Dugger)

Thank you to Lili Saint Germain and the girls in our posse for giving me the know how and the push to publish.

💫 The first books of many to come from this girl 💫feeling fantastic.

First Release a reality

In Primary School – Grade 4 – I was selected to attend a writing workshop at a local university.

In High School I was asked by one of my English teachers to be Editor for our school newsletter they were starting.

I am not sure what happened to my love of writing after that.  I began reading a lot more to relax during university.  I discovered partying at uni 🙂 and boys.

Fast forward to 20 years later – I have 2 degrees, loving husband and four adorable (mostly) children – and I have rediscovered my love of writing.  

For the past 10 years I have been writing on the side, giving my dream of being a published author a half-hearted effort at best.  This past year I have been given the opportunity to write again and put the time in to making this dream a reality.

And here we are…new logos created, book cover ready for release, manuscript in editing…

As nervous as I am, it will be a relief to finally have my first novel out there in the world and continue working on my next release.

Words Count

Plotted an entire new story yesterday.  Maybe it was the cooler weather, the fire or my warm fuzzy slippers but the inspiration hit yesterday and plotting was completed on my 18th story.  I then wrote 650 words on this story and am in love with it already. Especially the hero 😉


Words Count

Short and sweet this week as I am finding I spend waaaay too long on the internet these days.

Three assignments were submitted last week.  A record for me.  This week I am hoping for the same.

The only word count was for these three assignments. However I am using Caitrin’s story for the Romance course.  Abby’s for the Suspense course.

Therefore, hoping at the end of the next thirteen assignments both stories will be ready for editing.

Back to work…

Fresh Breezes

This past weekend we added to our brood, Maisie the calf.  She has a beautiful nature and is already a treasured member of our family.  Even our German Shepherd, Indi, became her protector within a day.

Maisie and her shadow, Indi











Having to feed her morning and night gets me outside even on the days I don’t feel like moving.  That crisp, fresh breeze is glorious.  And does amazing things to clear your head.






I submitted another assignment yesterday and I find myself constantly logging in to see if the feedback has been posted yet…and this is for an assignment where I know they guarantee a response within three days.  How the hell am i going to cope when I finally send off a manuscript where I may not hear for months, if at all???

So I will complete the next assignment I plan to submit tonight…but first, one last check 🙂

Writing Spaces


I have always been waiting for the right time to write.  Looking for the right space.  The right desk.  The right notebook.  The right pen.  What I have learnt when as a mum your family are your number one priority,  writing doesn’t have to be perfect.  or written in the perfect space.  Your story just has to be written.

Over the past month when my babies needed more of their mum’s time and support, I still found the time to write and submit assignments.  Suddenly I had more perfect spots to write – the car, bed, stairs.  As long as I had coffee, a pen and my notebook I was set to go.