Life is so short

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One minute you were here,

a strong man who supported many.

A husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather.

The next minute you were using your strength to fight,

a fight we were honoured to be by your side on.

So quickly you were taken from us,

Oh so quickly, we are left reeling.

The thought you are no longer in pain,

fails to make it any easier.

We miss you.  Everyday.


This life.

Remember to take a moment of reflection and breath…

notice the little things and hug your loved ones every day,

or if they don’t live near, phone them.

First Release a reality

In Primary School – Grade 4 – I was selected to attend a writing workshop at a local university.

In High School I was asked by one of my English teachers to be Editor for our school newsletter they were starting.

I am not sure what happened to my love of writing after that.  I began reading a lot more to relax during university.  I discovered partying at uni 🙂 and boys.

Fast forward to 20 years later – I have 2 degrees, loving husband and four adorable (mostly) children – and I have rediscovered my love of writing.  

For the past 10 years I have been writing on the side, giving my dream of being a published author a half-hearted effort at best.  This past year I have been given the opportunity to write again and put the time in to making this dream a reality.

And here we are…new logos created, book cover ready for release, manuscript in editing…

As nervous as I am, it will be a relief to finally have my first novel out there in the world and continue working on my next release.



…exactly how I am feeling today.  Had a quiet lazy weekend but am now paying for it.  It is Monday and I have sooo much I want and need to achieve today.  Blaaaah. I have a fuzzy head and no motivation all I want to do is continue that lazy weekend…

Next weekend I might step it up, or not …Blaaaah.