Story ideas?

Story ideas can come from anywhere. 

Mine have come mostly from daydreaming.  

  • Daydreaming
  • Dreams
  • Picture of perfect character- usually male ūüėČ

What I am getting better at is not waiting for the inspiration to come but instead pulling that bugger right out kicking and screaming.  

Writing every day has helped with this forcing of ideas.


If I had to choose¬†one thing I can’t live without (apart from family and my animals) it would be Music.

I use music in every part of my life.  It allows me to focus on the task at hand.  Otherwise my head is running constantly with, well, everything.

Upbeat music while I am doing the housework.

Loud current playlist while I am driving.

Moody, intense playlist while I am writing to bring out the passion for the scene I am writing.

And the one song I love to sing at the top of my lungs when I am pissed…and before I lose my shit…

Staind – It’s Been Awhile

And a new one just recently found…

Disturbed – The Sound of Silence


Watching music videos helps to get me in the right frame of mind to write. ¬†Especially if I am feeling blah. ¬†Watching sexy moody men doesn’t hurt either ūüôā ¬† Rihanna, Little Mix and Janet Jackson music videos always deliver on the sexy men.


Happy Writing xx






Chasing Perfection

I have submitted two assignments this week and for these as well as all of my other assignments, I have had to push myself to upload them.

I write a rough draft, then type into Scrivener making changes as I type.  I then copy and paste into a word document, do a final read through and force myself not to  overthink it and submit for marking.  Before sending I have to remind myself that I am sending off for feedback to help me grow as a writer.  I have to let go of the need for the piece to be perfect.

Then I found this article and realised that I am not so different to everyone else.

A Writer’s Life: Ditching Perfection

Pitching your novel


Steps for pitching your novel to a literary agent .

Great ideas to help prepare and practice, when those 5 to 10 minutes need to count.

Something I will be practicing so I am prepared should the opportunity present itself.


How to pitch your novel

Words Count

Plotted an entire¬†new story yesterday. ¬†Maybe it was the cooler weather, the fire or my warm fuzzy slippers but the inspiration hit yesterday and plotting was completed on my 18th story. ¬†I then wrote 650 words on this story and am in love with it already. Especially the hero ūüėČ


Words Count

Short and sweet this week as I am finding I spend waaaay too long on the internet these days.

Three assignments were submitted last week.  A record for me.  This week I am hoping for the same.

The only word count was for these three assignments. However I am¬†using Caitrin’s story for the Romance course. ¬†Abby’s for the Suspense course.

Therefore, hoping at the end of the next thirteen assignments both stories will be ready for editing.

Back to work…

Fresh Breezes

This past weekend we added to our brood, Maisie the calf.  She has a beautiful nature and is already a treasured member of our family.  Even our German Shepherd, Indi, became her protector within a day.

Maisie and her shadow, Indi











Having to feed her morning and night gets me outside even on the days I don’t feel like moving. ¬†That crisp, fresh breeze¬†is glorious. ¬†And does amazing things to clear your head.