Story ideas?

Story ideas can come from anywhere.  Mine have come mostly from daydreaming.   Daydreaming Dreams Picture of perfect character- usually male ūüėČ What I am getting better at is not waiting for the inspiration to come but instead pulling that bugger right out kicking and screaming.   Writing every day has helped with this forcing …

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If I had to choose¬†one thing I can't live without (apart from family and my animals) it would be Music. I use music in every part of my life. ¬†It allows me to¬†focus on the task at hand. ¬†Otherwise my head is running constantly with, well, everything. Upbeat music while I am doing the housework. …

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Chasing Perfection

I have submitted two assignments this week and for these as well as all of my other assignments,¬†I have had to push myself to upload them. I write a rough draft, then type into Scrivener making changes as I type. ¬†I then copy and paste into a word document, do a final read through and …

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Pitching your novel

  Steps¬†for pitching your novel to a literary agent . Great ideas to help prepare and¬†practice, when those¬†5 to 10 minutes need to count. Something I will be practicing so I am prepared should the opportunity present itself.   How to pitch your novel

Words Count

Plotted an entire¬†new story yesterday. ¬†Maybe it was the cooler weather, the fire or my warm fuzzy slippers but the inspiration hit yesterday and plotting was completed on my 18th story. ¬†I then wrote 650 words on this story and am in love with it already. Especially the hero ūüėČ  

Words Count

Short and sweet this week as I am finding I spend waaaay too long on the internet these days. Three assignments were submitted last week. ¬†A record for me. ¬†This week I am hoping for the same. The only word count was for these three assignments. However I am¬†using Caitrin's story for the Romance course. …

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Fresh Breezes

This past weekend we added to our brood, Maisie the calf. ¬†She has a beautiful nature and is already a treasured member of our family. ¬†Even our German Shepherd, Indi, became her protector within a day.                     Having to feed her morning and night gets me …

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