Writing is fun, hard and stressful. You question yourself at every turn...but when you get your first 5 ✨review and they love your characters as much as you is soooo worth it. Thank you to the gals for answering all my newbie questions - Natalie, Stacey, Kris (Author Kristine Dugger) Thank you to …

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Consumed by Revenge now LIVE

  I am floating on air today as I can't believe this day has arrived.  Finally.  After all my doubts and procrastination. Hope you love Aspen and Jake as much as I do 😉 AMAZON IBOOKS  INKTERA

Life is so short

One minute you were here, a strong man who supported many. A husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather. The next minute you were using your strength to fight, a fight we were honoured to be by your side on. So quickly you were taken from us, Oh so quickly, we are left reeling. The thought you …

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First Release a reality

In Primary School - Grade 4 - I was selected to attend a writing workshop at a local university. In High School I was asked by one of my English teachers to be Editor for our school newsletter they were starting. I am not sure what happened to my love of writing after that.  I …

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