Chasing Perfection

I have submitted two assignments this week and for these as well as all of my other assignments, I have had to push myself to upload them.

I write a rough draft, then type into Scrivener making changes as I type.  I then copy and paste into a word document, do a final read through and force myself not to  overthink it and submit for marking.  Before sending I have to remind myself that I am sending off for feedback to help me grow as a writer.  I have to let go of the need for the piece to be perfect.

Then I found this article and realised that I am not so different to everyone else.

A Writer’s Life: Ditching Perfection

2 thoughts on “Chasing Perfection

  1. Not so different 🙂
    Quick question: is there any reason you aren’t exporting to a word doc directly from scrivener? Copy-paste must be tedious.


    1. Hi Catherine, I do love the export feature but I copy and paste into a template I have set up for my assignments. I will look into exporting into the template. Cheers 🙂


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