The little things

As of Friday this past week I only have Family, Home and Writing to concentrate on.  No committees, no job, no external calls to action.  First time in a very long time and I am going to enjoy and appreciate every minute.  I make the promise to my family and myself that I will take at least a year before I sign up to another committee.  My secret addiction.  It started when the babies were in playgroup and I signed on as the organiser for our day (Wednesday).  Then came the soccer committee for a couple of years.  And the last 13 months with the high school P&C. Never been a secret that I love control and feeling satisfaction in a job well done, something you only receive fleetingly with housework and washing 🙂 And a task that has a clear start and clear finish.  One that can be completed in a sitting.  Unlike this other addiction of mine – Writing.

IMG_6764This Sunday I am thankful for letting go of the big things and appreciating the little tasks that are accomplished.  Babies making robots out of packing boxes, a fresh load of washing blowing in the breeze, kitchen bench shining, 500 word assignment completed, one blog post completed, enjoying glass(es) of wine with my sexy beast on the back deck watching the sun go down.

I hope to continue to enjoy the little things in each day instead of being overwhelmed by what wasn’t achieved.

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