Today I am in the process of collating all my stories into three 5 subject notebooks and uploading into scrivener.  I like to have hard copy as well as scrivener files for my stories.  Type in my iPad, send to the Mac, upload into scrivener, print out for my notebooks.  Or just write straight into the notebooks.  I like variety hence why I have fifteen stories on the go!

my story notebooks
my story notebooks

Then I am going to let myself write…there are stories busting to get out and I need to make that time today.  Kids are settled into their activities for the afternoon.

Have family coming for the weekend so the next two days will be spent preparing for visitors.  Next week I will be preparing for work – starting back full time for the first time in 13 years.  Very exciting times here at the moment but I don’t want to lose this writing fun.   My time out.  My escape.

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